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A familiar industry issue for distribution centers is the infiltration of increased outside moisture-laden air into warehouse areas, specifically cold storage areas that trigger an influx of humidity-related problems.

When warm, wet air comes into contact with the cold floors and walls of the loading docks, condensation begins to form. These wet and slippery floors can put a strain on the facilities throughput, which can reduce production. The influx of humidity into the docks also produces negative effects in adjoining freezers. Ice forms on the freezers’ racks and walls at the entrance, as well as on the high speed roll-up doors causing staff to have to chip ice off the doors to make sure they continue operating properly. Also, more defrost cycles are required to stop the ice buildup on products.

In highly automated facilities, elevated humidity levels cause automation equipment to malfunction.

Many electric eye and proximity sensors fog up resulting in product loading interruptions until the sensors dry. Unproductive interruptions lead to a decrease in profits.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers prevent these problems in loading docks and freezers by targeting the source: infiltration. These systems remove the moisture to humidity levels that cannot be achieved with refrigeration alone. Munters’ dehumidification systems eliminate moisture absorption, sticking, caking, mold, and frost build up on food or other stocked merchandise. Since the problem is humid air infiltration through the dock doors, Munters’ dehumidification systems capture the humid air above the doors. That way, most of the humidity load is removed before it can drift into the rest of the building to condense on cold surfaces such as walls and floors.

Munters systems are simple and compact, serving as an ideal option for retrofitting.

Other benefits from a Munters desiccant dehumidification system include


  • Improved production capacity—no more wet, slippery floors that slow down the loading and unloading of goods. Employees no longer need to chip ice off doors, floors, racks and product.
  • Improved cooling efficiencies of the existing refrigeration system.
  • Improved worker safety and comfort—no more injuries from slips, falls and pallet mover accidents due to wet/icy floors.
  • Improved operations—no more production shutdowns due to fogging of automation sensors.
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