Arenas, Gyms and Fitness Centres

Air handling of Sports Arenas, Gyms and Fitness Centres can be a challenge due to the high moisture load.

By controlling the relative humidity by means of Munters desiccant dehumidifiers and air treatment systems, the indoor environment will become both healthier and more comfortable.

Problems in these sports facilities originate from a combination of the sweat from athletes, the high number of people often in a compact area and the fact that some facilities can run 24/7. Traditional air handling units are unable to deal effectively with the humidity and the result is an unhealthy and uncomfortable indoor climate susceptible to odors and bacterial growth. Furthermore, building structures and equipment can deteriorate by corrosion, mold and mildew.

In changing facilities and locker rooms, problems accelerate further due to the extreme moisture load added from showers.


By treating the air in the arena/fitness facility by means of desiccant dehumidification, the humidity level can be effectively controlled and reduced. The damage caused by condensation will be dramatically reduced and both personnel and sportsmen will benefit from a much healthier indoor climate.

Munters dehumidification provides benefits such as:

  • Healthy indoor climate without mold and odor
  • Protection of building structures thanks to reduction of condensation
  • Faster drying in locker rooms and changing facilities
  • Reduced odor

Arenas, Gyms and Fitness Centres case studies

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