Meat, Poultry and Fish

Condensation Prevention in the Meat Industry

Unwanted moisture is often a problem in meat, poultry and fish processing plants. Condensation forms on equipment, floors, ceiling, and walls, leading to potential food contamination effecting product quality. Condensation and fogging can also create worker safety issues.

Condensation occurs in meat, poultry and fish processing plants when warm humid air comes into contact with cooler surfaces such as those found in cutting rooms, chiller rooms and packaging rooms. Production staff can spend a significant amount of time removing condensation forming on overhead pipes and ceilings in the proximity of evisceration areas.

All condensation needs to be removed after sanitation and prior to the start of processing. Food processors often hang plastic sheeting over their chillers as temperature differences can cause the ceiling to sweat, resulting in high levels of condensation.  They also add fans to increase the airflow in the evisceration area. Unfortunately this can create airflow imbalances and introduce air at higher humidity levels, inadvertently exacerbating the condensation problem.

Increased scrutiny by the USDA and other enforcing bodies has resulted in companies actively searching for cost-effective solutions for fogging, icing, dripping, and other moisture related problems, to comply with zero-tolerance guidelines and avoid non-compliance issues.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers precisely control the humidity and dew point in the plant so condensation cannot occur.

Munters’ Service Engineers can carry out airflow tests to determine the existing airflow patterns, to ensure the effective distribution of the dry air.  Within hours of starting up the Munters system, ice and condensation disappears, plastic sheeting can be removed and sanitation processes are made easier and less frequent.


By controlling condensation and humidity, Munters creates optimal conditions during meat, fish and poultry processing.  As a global leader in desiccant dehumidification, Munters has an extensive list of reference sites in this and many other industries.



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