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Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Dehumidification optimises fruit production

Munters dessicant drying in the fruit and vegetable industry sets a higher standard in quality. Munters drying systems are designed to cope with the heavy drying-load of batch drying.

The batch drying approach was previously complicated due to the exponential change of the rate at which moisture is given off by the fruit and vegetable product. The most significant effect during the drying process to avoid is the formation of an outer skin on the product, as this will inhibit further moisture loss from the fruit or vegetable.

Munters supply enhanced dehumidification systems to supply low humidity air through a tunnel holding wet product layered on trays.

• Increased productivity

• No skin formed during drying

• Optimised air distribution

• Maximised evaporative effect

• Extremely good colour retention

• More natural taste and texture

• Lower risk of mould and yeast formation

• Optimised energy-efficiency

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Munters maximise air distribution over the products for maximum evaporative effect and the optimised  humidity approach is suitable for varying conditions required during processing. Temperature and humidity is kept constant,  and care is taken not to surface dry the product. This drying process ensures fruit or vegetables are not over-warmed and with Munters approach, colour retention is extremely good and taste more natural, with improvements in the dried product’s texture too.  

Hygiene is more easily controlled in Munters system as the risk of yeast or bacteria formation is lowered due to the bactericidal and fungicidal qualities of Munters desiccant system. The producer does not feel the effects of varying ambient climate conditions which can result in a reduction of output.

Energy Efficiency

Munters approach optimises the energy-efficiency and ensures high quality fruit or vegetables can be produced continuously throughout the year

Vegetable/Fruit Powder Drying.

The product is juiced and filtered to remove fibres and seeds. The juice is then concentrated to a paste before being fed to the spray drier  After the spray drying process powder is then discharged into a fluidized bed system for agglomeration, second stage drying at to reach the desired moisture content (2-4%).

Through the seasons dehumidification of the air supply to the spray tower will level out  the humidity over the year and increase output, maintain uniformity and quality of the final product. The air for the second stage of drying in the fluidized bed is dehumidified and cooled to meet the cooling requirement and equilibrium moisture content of the product. With dry air used again for the pneumatic powder conveying to prevent reabsorption of moisture.

  • Uniform quality
  • Moisture regain prevention
  • Pneumatic transportation Moisture regain prevention
  • Increased capacity

Packaging of frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables are packed in volumetric filling machines which dispenses product into a pack by having a container that is filled with product pass over a hole and  release the product through the chute into the packaging. The various components of the equipment are cooled  to approximately the temperature of the product, so smooth flow of the product into the packages is important to ensure correct loading of the packages.

If the frozen vegetable are  conveyed to the packing equipment through areas with dew points higher than the product temperature and the equipment is also located in areas with high dew point, condensation occurs on the product as well as equipment. This condensate forms  ice on the cup and collar mechanism (for releasing the product to the packing) and the chute impedes its operation and result in uneven feeding to the packages.

AT_Case_Beans with frost.jpg

Munters prevent icing on product and equipment during product freezing using desiccant dehumidification.

  • Prevent conveying and packaging area ice build up
  • Faster filling
  • Accurate weighing
  • Less stoppages

Humidification of Vegetables



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