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Industrial Drying

The most common method for product drying is to introduce hot air, thus evaporating the moisture contained within the product.

However this is not ideal as the increase in heat and humidity increases the risk of mould and fungus growth. This in turn can cause corrosion to machinery and the extra heat can damage the product being dried.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers attract moisture from the air by creating an area of low vapour pressure at the surface of the desiccant. The pressure exerted by the water in the air is higher, so the water molecules move from the air to the desiccant and the air is dehumidified.

As the desiccant picks up moisture from the surrounding air, dry air is discharged to the process area and the reactivation air stream discharges the wet air outside.

The basic idea of the Munters desiccant drying wheel (Rotor) is very simple:

Air is blown though the rotor structure and the humidity in the air is absorbed by the desiccant. The air leaves the rotor as Dry Air.

By using Munters dehumidifiers the conditions can be kept constant to prevent these destructive conditions from occurring. Health, Safety and Hygiene for customers is improved accordingly.



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