Correctional Facilities and Prisons

With inmate populations growing and existing facilities becoming overcrowded, new buildings and expansions of existing ones, are needed to meet demand.

This demand, coupled with the tightening of state and other government budgets, creates a significant challenge. When designing new facilities or expansions of current ones, engineers are often asked to “design to budget.” Unfortunately, the first cost of energy efficient and sustainable equipment is often more expensive and as a result, is often eliminated from the budget only to be replaced with less efficient equipment to save money (first cost) and keep the project on budget.

With regard to heating, ventilation and cooling, it is important to understand the requirements of the project.  Some states only require ventilation and heating, not air conditioning. Location and code specific requirements must be adhered to. It is also important that the long-term impacts of selecting less efficient air treatment equipment be considered. Buildings need to incorporate systems they can afford long term as well as, the initial first costs. They need systems that are efficient, low maintenance and built to last.

Munters’ product systems meet the wide array of needs present in correctional facilities and prisons. Regardless of geographical location and outside air requirements, Munters has quality customizable systems designed to be energy efficient and sustainable, lending itself well to this type of facility design.

In arid regions for example, evaporative cooling is very common and with Munters Oasis evaporative cooling technology, which also acts as a dry heat exchanger during the heating season, Munters offers a very effective and efficient solution for year-round operation.  However, in all regions, incorporating increased amounts of outside air for proper ventilation and occupant need is critical. Munters offers an array of system solutions for hotter and dryer locations where increased heating days can benefit from more energy recovery components to wetter and colder locations, where our expertise in commercial based desiccant technology provides a cost effective alternative for drier dehumidified supply air.

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