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Human Comfort

A humidity problem is evident when you enter a cold, clammy building. The dampness is so cold on your skin that it chills you.

Commercial buildings are often overcooled to reduce humidity, but it only causes the building to get a chilled, clammy feel while raising energy costs. Overworking your air conditioning system to reduce humidity is unnecessary.

To achieve optimum comfort and lower operating costs, install a Munters dehumidifier. It gives independent control over humidity and temperature, allowing the operator to maintain their facility at the appropriate climate. No matter what the season, your building will remain dry, cool and comfortable.

Public buildings, offices, shopping centers, auditoriums and hotels require optimized comfort air conditioning that operates with humidity control, so that the indoor comfort is improved and mold is prevented from attacking furnishings and building fabric.

Munters air conditioning systems provide energy savings, and the ability to turn off room cooling when unoccupied while ensuring that moisture in the room doesn't create indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns and sanitation law standards are met.

The quality of indoor air has been linked to many illnesses and shown to have a direct impact on worker productivity. Research suggests that indoor humidity levels have a large impact on the health of building occupants. Microbial activity e.g., mold and fungus increases at higher indoor humidity levels, and childhood asthma is suspected to be linked to such microbial activity.

Building odors associated with microbial activity are unacceptable to occupants. When encountered, building operators often increase outdoor air quantities to eliminate odors. This exacerbates the problem because it increases indoor air humidity levels, which fosters further microbial activity.

IAQ standards emphasize maintaining proper humidity levels during peak and partial load conditions. Munters energy-efficient systems effectively control the humidity of an indoor space. Facilities with high occupancy rates such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and offices, typically have large amounts of outdoor air introduced to the occupied spaces. 

Munters air conditioning is energy efficient and provides the ideal climate control for rooms and people comfort.  The humidity controlled ventilation air meets best practice standards for indoor air quality. Building fabric and furnishings are preserved while energy costs are cut.

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