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Farmer holding a piglet

Comfortable sows produce more piglets

Denmark, with over 25.7 million pigs produced in 2006, is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of pig meat (85% of the produced meat is exported, which amounts to 5.3% of the total value of Danish exports). Family farms are common in Denmark and pig production is no exception, with some 7,800 of such pig farms. The Thorupgaard farm, owned by Mr. Espen Dollerup, is located in the surrounding area of Farsø, in North Jutland; a region characterised by a mild and temperate climate: cool summer and non severe winters.

Modern pig farming is highly specialized with frequent splits between where the pigs are bred and where the pigs are reared. The Thorupgaard farm is specialized in breeding sows, with the offspring of the sows being reared on other farms. The production unit on the farm consist of 3 distinct but connected buildings. The sows are moved from one building to another depending on their stage of gestation. Having the buildings connected makes this process very easy. During the whole reproductive cycle it is crucial to keep the environmental parameters of the various structures under tight control. This allows for maximum breeding efficiency of the sows.

Prevention of heat and moisture build-up, removal of carbon dioxide, ammonia, odours and dust

Each ventilation system is dimensioned to supply both minimum and maximum ventilation. Minimum ventilation is the volume of air that needs to be supplied to the animals for maintaining a proper air quality, which means prevention of heat and moisture build-up, removal of carbon dioxide, ammonia, odours and dust. All of these parameters can influence the animal’s performance negatively if left uncontrolled. Maximum ventilation is the quantity of air that needs to be passed through the building to remove any excess heat produced by the animals.

Installing Munters livestock ventilation system

Each of the 3 buildings on the Thorupgaard farm posed unique design challenges in terms of structural design and environmental conditions. To guarantee a proper functioning negative pressure ventilation system, the design team evaluated parameters such as:

* Type, number and weight of the animals in each structure
* State of the animals (gestating or with litters)
* Climate conditions of the region
* Insulation of the building

Punti chiave

  • Airflow patterns that will not cause any disturbing animal behaviour
  • A proper supply of both minimum and maximum ventilation
  • Prevention of heat and moisture buildup
  • Removal of carbon dioxide, ammonia, odours and dust

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