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Humidity-controlled storage at furniture removers Goliat

By using Munters dehumidification in storage containers the stored items are efficiently protected against humidity related damages.

The desiccant dehumidifier works by absorbing moisture from the ambient air into a slowly rotating desiccant wheel (rotor), impregnated with a highly hygroscopic media. (see illustration). The dry air leaving the desiccant drying wheel (rotor) is distributed into Goliats containers. A smaller and heated air stream is lead through a small section of the rotor and the warm air removes the absorbed humidity from the rotor material, blowing the warm and now wet air outside the container. The process runs continuously, without any refrigerants and is even efficient at temperatures below 0°C.

Operating principle at Goliat
From the centrally placed dehumidifier a system duct and flexible connection distributes the dry air to the containers. An advanced control system automatically adjusts the necessary amount of air, depending on ne number of containers in use. By using this control system – copied from military container systems - the dehumidifier runs in the most energy efficient way. The electronic humidistat ensures that the relative humidity never exceeds 55 %RH.

René Andersen from Goliat explains that a huge number of customers appreciate the fantastic benefits from the dehumidified storage system. Those, being insecure as to the lack of heating, are very easily convinced about the advantages of the new concept, and experience a comfortable storage climate. Here in the containers they find no badly smelling humid air, mould or moths. Not only private households but also many companies are hiring containers for longer or shorter periods with need of some extra storage facilities. Today Goliat houses paintings for artists, tools, raw materials or ready products for a large number of companies.
Save energy and create a better storage climate
The only truly efficient way to control the relative humidity is by installing dehumidification.
With a Munters desiccant dehumidifier the humidity is easily and efficiently controlled and will never exceed the set value, eg. 55% RH – regardless the outdoor fluctuations.
By controlling the humidity with dehumidification heating becomes superfluous. Most stored objects , apart from some liquids, are complete insensitive to temperature, explaining why heating can be avoided completely – hereby saving huge amounts on the energy bill.

Desiccant dehumidification – efficient at all temperatures

At Goliat the dehumidification solution is a copy of the principle used for years in military container systems.
The principle consists of a centrally placed dehumidifier of a suitable size – at Goliat a ML-series version. The dehumidifier functions according to the desiccant principle invented back in 1950’s by Swedish Carl Munters, initiated on a request from the Swedish defense. The defense experienced severe problems on damage during storage of military equipment.
Expensive and unnecessary heating
Storage and removal companies are often using heated facilities in an attempt to assure correct storage conditions. Heating is a very expensive method that does not even provide a sufficient control of the relative humidity. The humidity in the storage will fluctuate with the outdoor variations over the day and year and even on warm days the relative humidity will reach a level too high to avoid damage to the stored goods.
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The family owned furniture removal company Goliat in Denmark has been running their company since 1850. Starting out with horse drawn carriages Goliat has developed into a modern and innovative company covering haulage contactor business, removal, internal and external storage.
Goliat has recently invested in an advanced container system for storage of private furniture, office equipment, document archives etc. They now offer humidity controlled storage facilities in containers of different sizes.

Punti chiave

  • No risk of humidity related damage to the stored items
  • Constant and low humidity around the year
  • No need of heating
  • The dehumidification system automatically adapts the air flow to the number of containers in use

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