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AHU upgrade saves 58% energy at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is the 7th largest airport in the UK, flying around 13 million passengers to over 150 destinations each year. With this level of activity, keeping the airport fully operational is essential. So when one of the air handling units in the terminal check-in area broke down, engineers at Birmingham airport looked to Munters, global leaders in energy efficient air treatment, for a solution.

Finding the right solution
Munters began the upgrade with an initial site survey to calculate power output and airflow of the existing AHU.

"We began by analysing power consumption over the course of 7 days" says David Bennett, Service Sales Manager at Munters. "This enabled us to understand more about how the AHU was running, and choose a solution accordingly."

Replacing old fans with a new FanGrid
Working with ebm-papst, Munters replaced the fans in the AHU with a new FanGrid made up of five high efficiency EC centrifugal plug fans. As well as reducing energy consumption, these fans have reduced maintenance costs for the AHU’s, provided better controllability and reduced noise. The upgrade was carried out with minimal disruption to the operation of the airport.

Result? Substantial savings!
The project has surpassed requirements, with power consumption reducing from 24 kW to 6.4 kW. This is predicted to save the airport over £11,000 per year, with a return on investment of 19 months.

This is how we did it watch now on youtube

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Punti chiave

  • Energy savings of 58%
  • Quick ROI - only 19 months
  • Reduced maintenance cost for the AHU's
  • Better controllability and reduced noise

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