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Dry air enables AquaPri A/S to meet HACCP demands.

Dry air from a Munters dehumidifier enables Danish fish slaughtery to fulfill strict demands from authorities. The Danish company AquaPri produces handpicked luxury seafood like eel, trout, trout roe and caviar. In their harvesting plant, AquaPri A/S, a large part of the trout roe is processed as Sujiko for the Japanese market. Sujiko is a Northern Japanese speciality, only consumed on or off the Hokkaido peninsular.

A huge amount of water is used during the processing, and the creation of condensation in the slaughtering facilities was a never-ending challenge. Manual cleaning of the ceiling was continuously done and was still not sufficient to fulfil the strict HACCP regulations as to condensation control. AquaPri contacted Munters and a solution for eliminating the condensation problem was presented.

A desiccant dehumidifier type MXT7500 was installed with duct work for distribution of the dry air just beneath the ceiling. The dehumidifier works with a nominal airflow at 7,500m3/h and a humidity sensor placed under the ceiling controls the unit to keep the relative humidity below 60% RH.

In the short season of slaughtering, the factory runs in 2 shifts, after the cleaning of the facilities starts. Prior to installation of the dehumidification system, the drying after cleaning was incomplete and consequently the formation of condensation on the ceilings became a problem right after re-start of the production at 6.30 am.

Today, the dehumidifier is in operation from right after finalised cleaning, and already after 1-1½ hours of operation the facilities are dry. Though the trout roe processing includes the use of large amounts of water, the dehumidifier MXT7500 prevents the critical condensation at the ceilings all through the 2 shifts.

Punti chiave

  • Eliminate condensation on ceilings
  • Fulfil HACCP regulations
  • Dry facility after cleaning
  • Improve hygienic conditions
  • Create healthy climate for employees

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