Pollution Control & VOC Abatement

Munters Mist Elimination and Zeolite VOC Abatement technologies provide efficient and effective solutions for removing liquid and solvents from the air. Munters Air Cleaner, MAC, reduces ammonia emissions from poultry and swine buildings.

Air Cleaning Systems

  • MAC Air Cleaner

    MAC Air Cleaner

    Ammonia is a natural residual product from livestock production and…

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  • Basic Unit (BU)

    Basic Unit (BU)

    Rotor cassette, seals, motor & casing

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  • Rotor System (RS)

    Rotor System (RS)

    Rotor, motor, seals, plenums, filters Optional process fan, desorb heater,…

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  • Integrated Zeol System (IZS)

    Integrated Zeol System (IZS)

    Rotor(s), plenums, filters, process fan, dampers, ductwork, integrated…

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