Dehumidifiers / Stand alone dehumidifiers

GreenDry™ Series

GreenDry™ Series

The GreenDry ™ desiccant units helps customers to precisely control humidity and achieve lower operating costs, increase productivity and improve the working environment of comfort purpose. It can be widely applied to other foods, pharmaceuticals and electronics industries which are highly sensitive to moisture. Please note that this series is only sold in China.

  • High-performance and energy-saving dehumidifier
  • Unique frame-free configuration and hermetically sealed overall foam design
  • Simple and easy operation,, with real-time control of equipment operating status
  • Swing door design and enlarged maintanence area, as well as minimized service cost and frequency
  • Reduced energy consumption and running cost
  • Avoidance of mold and corrosion to prevent equipment fault and product loss
  • Enhanced hygienic conditions of the process environment

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