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EPCC Evaporative Pre-coolers Condenser

Evaporative PreCooler for Chiller/Condenser

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases cooling capacity
  • Reduces required size of compressor
  • Typical cooling effect in summer up to 14°C, depending on the geographical location
  • Low investment, maintenance and operating costs
  • Air filtration effects, especially in coastal installations
  • Low pressure drop on to coil
  • Sound attenuation


Product description

Munters Evaporative PreCooler for Chiller/Condenser (EPCC) are typically a recirculation (water) type evaporative cooler with make up water via solenoid and ball float, recirculating submersible pump, manual water bleed off (auto as an option) and a Dump valve. Air passes through wetted CELdek® rigid evaporative media, the ambient air temperature is lowered before it reaches the condenser coil. This enables increased capacities to be gained from existing systems, or sizing of condensers to be reduced, thereby reducing both operating and installation cost. Compressor and condenser fan life is extended due to less frequent operation.

The EPCC is most effective during hot, dry conditions when refrigeration and air conditioning condenser performance is most critical, and the system is under the highest load. Additional benefits year round include: prevention of dust and other particles from clogging the condenser fins and can guarantee consistent high efficiency for the entire life of the system. EPCC systems can be installed on new units or retrofitted on to existing units to lower the electricity consumption, boost the capacity and make them more environmentally friendly.

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