Creating a perfect healthy environment for Breweries

Mould and bacterial growth has long been a problem for brewers.  Beers must be stored in large vessels at low temperatures for several weeks after brewing before they are ready for bottling. As thousands of gallons of beer are manufactured, the effects of high humidity and continuous condensation can create major issues.

In brewing, the storage vessels are often cooled to around +2ºC.  As ambient air enters the storage areas, condensation can quickly form on the vessels, pipework and the cold wall surfaces in the corridors. These wet offending areas are often steam cleaned, which can make the problem worse.

Munters solution is to reduce the moisture load in the air using desiccant dehumidification, thus eliminating the condensation.  Munters desiccant dehumidifiers dry air by passing it through a wheel coated with a desiccant material. Once condensation is under control, drying times can be reduced after washdown with the dry air system, and the formation of microbiological growth eliminated. 

Munters controlled climate prevents condensation, mould growth and bacteria on cold surfaces throughout the storage areas. Washdown times are shortened and redecoration is no longer a frequent necessity

Malt products dry easily


Malt and malt extract product quality is essential.  Relative humidity (RH) variations in the atmosphere can cause a loss of efficiency during the spray drying process for powdered malt products.

Powdered malt products are hydroscopic.  When the atmospheric moisture content is high, constant adjustments are required to maintain the ideal running conditions for the spray drier, to prevent the powders from absorbing moisture.  The products are also thermo-plastic, so simply increasing the temperature of the drier is not an option.


Munters desiccant dehumidifiers dry the air before it is heated to spray-dry the products.  This provides a controlled drying of the malt extract, maintaining constant moisture within the drier and allowing continuous running of the drier at the same operating conditions throughout the year.

Munters dehumidifiers also ensure that the malt extract, once dried and processed in the spray bed drier, is packed in a dry environment.  This, in turn, ensures a long shelf life with no product degradation after packing.


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