Munters Technology Training

10 Oct

Oct 10 14:00 - Oct 12 19:00

Munters instructors utilize industry recognized tools and reference materials to create an interactive learning experience tailored to address the interests of the class. Conducting the seminars at Munters manufacturing facilities provides students a “hands-on” learning environment not available anywhere else in the world.

The comprehensive three-day course covers psychrometrics, moisture load calculations, methods of moisture removal, sizing and design of dehumidification systems and/or DOAS or energy recovery systems, and also an intense review of common applications for Munters technology. The Munters Technology Training Course is designed for engineers       and end-users that need fundamental education on psychrometrics and moisture calculations, or simply a better understanding of Munters technology and equipment.

Location:  The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, Virginia

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26 Jul

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24 Sep

10 Oct

Oct 10 14:00 - Oct 12 19:00

Munters Technology Training

23 Oct

06 Nov

Nov 6 06:00 - Nov 9 06:00