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DICEEAST - Data Center Investment Conference & Expo EAST, Virginia

31 kvě

kvě 31 13:30 - 23:00

Annual Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE), East covering the Mid-Atlantic Region in a national context.With $20B+ in M&A in the data center space in 2017, what huge deals are on the horizon for 2018? Northern Virginia looks to continue its 4-year run in data center absorption

Private capital and institutional investors continue to pour into the sector, with over $45B in the past five years, and investors are getting increasingly savvier in their investments.  

Topics To Include: 

1. With cloud accounting for 40% of the absorption in the Northern Virginia markets in 2017, what does this mean for 2018? 

2. What does the growing focus on land acquisition mean for the future of the data center industry?

3. What sectors are driving data center demand in the Mid-Atlantic region?

4. What major M&A activity do players see on the horizon?

5. How are data center strategies changing as end-user demand begins to shift? Will the blurring of business models - from wholesale data centers to retail colo continue? 

05.31.2018 at 11:50 am Watch Munters own Mike Herwald at the "Lunch & Learn" Workshop. Mike and other distinguished guest will discuss: Data Center Cooling and strategies for efficiency.



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NEW - SyCool ITC offers data center owners and operators an energy efficient indirect cooling solution without the need for water.

Designed specifically for data centres and driven by industry demand, SyCool ITC (patent pending) uses the waste heat from the data centre and a combination of gravity and a syphon effect, to drive a refrigeration cycle capable of operating without pumps or compressors, providing remarkable levels of energy efficiency.

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