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The New AgHort Portal is a space just for you!

An area where you have access to all of the information about Munters products and solutions.

Here's a walkthrough video to get you started with the tool:

So what is the portal?

Munters team has been working hard to create a place were you, our partner, will be able to arm yourself with Munters latest catalogs, sales tools, marketing resources, software and training materials right from your computer or tablet device. Need to find the latest information about a product? Want to show a customer the best equipment for their application? We have it all - right at your fingertips!

There are 3 main categories: Resource Center, Calculation Tool & Catalog Tool.

The Resource Center: Your library of information. Downloadable versions of  Product Informations Sheets, Installation Manuals , Technical Specification Sheets, Wiring Diagrams, Installation Videos, Training videos, Marketing Materials and more.

Calculation Tool (Under Construction): Allows you to be able to input specific data to produce a recomendation for a Munters solution that fits your customer's needs.

Catalog Tool (Under Construction): This portion of the portal is for the Munters team to be able to create product/price catalogs for distribution. Downloadable PDF with list pricing will be available from this portion of the tool. 


How do I get access to the portal?

First you will need to register for your personalized account.
Start by opening up the log in page:

1. Register for your portal access by filling in your email address.

2. Leave the Password line blank.You will be able to assign your own password after your account has been registered.

3. Next click register.

Check your e-mail for your Verification notice. Once you verify your account you will be able to assign your log in password. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Munters team and we can assist you.

Once registered, the Portal has a vast amount of information that you can download and use to set up and maintain your system or help guiding your customer when selecting the right components to create a Munters System.

Yes, put me in touch with                       Munters industry experts

We'll direct your contact info to the right person