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Welcome to our Investor Relations section. The purpose of Investor Relations is to keep the capital markets continuously informed about Munters' position, operations and development.

Regulatory press releases

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held May 8 at 3 PM in in Kista Sweden. 

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Capital Market Day 2019

The event is held on May 9th, at Hamngatan 2 in central Stockholm and will begin with lunch.

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Financial reports

Munters Q4 Report

Munters Q4 and Full year report 2018 was published February 13, at 8.00 CET. 

A webcast was held the same day at 9.00 CET. Please see link below. 

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Annual Report 2017

"We are 3,858 people in Munters and we are on a mission. Climate is what we are, what we think about and what keeps us going. We have a long tradition of offering solutions to make our customers more efficient."

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Director Investor Relations

John Womack

+46 706 782 499