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Farm Innovation Award

Munters win Farm Innovation Award

At AGRA Middle East in Dubai March 2013, Munters won the 'Farm Innovation Award - Poultry', after having been shortlisted for no less than three award nominations. Munters was also commended (top 3) for 'Farm Innovation Award-Agriculture'' and ''Best new Product for Gulf Market - Agriculture''.

The nomination and award was given for Munters ECO design series EC52 cone fan, which was launched in November last year. EC52 is designed with high air moving capacity and decreased power consumption specifically designed to fit the poultry industry.

All winning projects were celebrated at an Awards Gala Dinner attended by 600 of the region's leading agriculture professionals. Hikmat Doumet accepted the award on behalf of Munters.

Richard Pavitt, Exhibition Director of AGRA Middle East said: "The AGRAme Awards are an excellent reference to pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams and organisations that have contributed to the growth and development of the agricultural, poultry and landscaping industry across the region. All the winners tonight were well deserved and we congratulate them on their achievements."

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