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With Munters as your service partner, you will achieve the longest possible lifetime for your air treatment equipment.

No matter what phase of the life cycle your Munters equipment is in, our service solutions and products will provide optimal operation and performance for as long as you need, and beyond.

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The four phases

  • Start-up & Warranty

    Start-up & Warranty

    Services to ensure your equipment is operating as designed. Combined with PrimaCaire™ extended warranty, your investment gets the best possible start.

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  • Sustain & Maintain

    Sustain & Maintain

    Keep your equipment running like new with ServiceCaire™ - our tailor-made service agreement.

    Read more here

  • Retrofit & Upgrade

    Retrofit & Upgrade

    Boost energy efficiency and capacity with our retrofit solutions for equipment already in operation.

    Read more here

  • Retire & Renew

    Retire & Renew

    Sustainable replacement when your equipment finally reaches end-of-life. After many years in operation, your air treatment equipment needs to be replaced.

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