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Welcome to our Investor Relations section. This section offers information about Munters operations, strategy and financial performance as well as archived reports and presentations.

Interim report Jan-Sep 2022

On October 21, at 7:30 CET, Munters released the interim report for January-September for 2022. For more information see below

Q3 Interim report 2022
Q3 Interim report 2022 Presentation
Q3 Munters Quarterly overview Group and Segments Q3 2022
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The Munters share

Welcome to Munters Capital Markets Day 8th Dec 2022

Munters invites analysts, investors, media and other key stakeholders to its Capital Markets Day on December 8, 2022. The Capital Markets Day will be a hybrid event hosted physically in Stockholm, Sweden and webcasted live on Munters Investor relations website. Before and after the presentations visitors will have the opportunity to explore our products and solutions on display as well as talk to experts.


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Investor Relations webinar focused on Service

On September 5, Munters IR hosted a webinar focusing on Service, a prioritized growth area for Munters. The webinar provided an overview of Munters Service offering and strategy.

Service Webcast - 5 September 2022 

Service Presentation - 5 September 2022 

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