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HM3 10000

Humimax™ HM3 Series

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제품 설명

Humimax™ is a series of self contained humidifier units. The HM3 10000 is a stand alone humidifier with 10000m3/h. It provides excellent humidification as well as automatic control of humidity levels throughout a broad range of application areas, such as print houses, wood and furniture storages, museums and computer rooms as well as vegetable and fruit storage. The unit is designed to keep an optimum balance between required humidification efficiency and stability, as well as very low energy consumption. Easy installation (plug and play) and maintenance has been the main focus during product development.

It can help solve problems in areas like:

Data centers and server rooms – Eliminate fatal static discharges, by keeping proper levels of humidity in the air.

Museums and art galleries – Prevent damage occurring to valuable artefacts caused by shrinkage.

Furniture and wood industry – Keep moisture content on constant levels to minimize wastage. Improve the work environment through reducing static electricity and dust in the air.

Fruit and vegetables storage – Reduced weight loss due to dry air.

Printing houses – Prevent paper from loosing its strengths and brittleness, and avoid static electricity to influence the final printing result.

Painting lines and booths – Reduce costly rejects, by maintaining correct humidity levels and thus eliminate static electricity and reducing the ingress of dust to ensure superior finish and lower consumption of paint.

  • 기술 사양
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Nominal airflow 10000 m3/h
Evaporation efficiency
Capacity of water tank
총 전력, 전압 및 전류 (A / phase)
Power supply 230/50 V/Hz/PH
Electric current 4.1 A
Input power 900 W/kW
기타 데이터
Noise level 68 dB(A)
Net weight 86/107 kg
Dimension H*W*D 1,275*1130*350 mm

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우리는 우리의 제품을 알고있다. 우리는
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