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NHL preferred supplier

Munters is the NHL preferred supplier of Desiccant Dehumidification Systems

In order to run a successful ice arena, it is critical to improve efficiency and eliminate down time. Most recreational ice arenas operate year round and ice sports continue to gain popularity placing a greater demand for ice time. Constant and efficient humidity control is important. Uncontrolled humidity results in fog, condensation, mold and poor ice conditions - all of which compromise skater performance and safety and spectator enjoyment. Additionally, humidity causes an increased load on the ice refrigeration system resulting in higher energy costs than necessary.

NHL preferred supplier 

Munters, the world's largest manufacturer of desiccant dehumidification wheels and systems, has led the way in developing the most efficient and effective way to dehumidify ice arenas. Munters has more than 1000 ice arena installations in North America.

NHL has named Munters the "Preferred Supplier" of desiccant dehumidification systems. The NHL recommended standard is 60°F and 40%RH which equates to a 35F dewpoint temperature. Speed skating venues require even more stringent conditions to create an ice surface worthy of world record times. Such conditions can be difficult if not impossible to achieve with cooling based dehumidification systems. Because sub-freezing dew points are efficiently and continuously achieved with desiccant dehumidification, today most ice arenas rely on Munters.

  St Louis Blues practice arena


By Installing the Munters System, NHL Ice Arenas have:

  • Annual Cost Savings
  • High-Quality Ice Surface
  • Fresh Air Without Humidity
  • Fast Recovery From Resurfacing
  • No Fog
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs