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MRC: Munters Roller Curtain

MRC: Munters Roller Curtain

  • Curtain protects against wind and severe weather conditions
  • Operates as a ventilation system in the stable
  • Manufactured in UV resistant PVC coated high tenacity polyester
  • Anti-static treatment repels dirt (straw, sand, dust).
  • Optimal light transmission
  • Operated either manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Curtain opens from top down


Popis výrobku

The roll curtain is characterized by being rolled on the lower bar, so that in principle it can be rolled down and give full visibility and the feeling that you are in harmony with nature, or it can be completely closed or rolled down to any point between closed and fully open and act as a ventilation opening in combination with Munters fixed open roof ridge or the adjustable 1-2-3 system. Technically, the curtain is manufactured in a tex glass quality which is virtually indestructible and impossible to tear to pieces. The color is light grey, featuring a weak light penetration which seems appealing seen both from outside and inside. Tex glass is treated against static electricity so that dirt does not stick to the material and it is furthermore UV resistant. Curtain rollers top and bottom are made of extruded aluminum combined with a collar. The curtain is hung by a bar system, which means that while the curtain is being rolled up or down, both top and bottom rollers are being pulled in the same proportion, so that the curtain always is tightly rolled on bottom roll or sit tight when it is completely rolled up. At the end of the boom system either a drive unit or a manual winch is mounted for opening or closing the system. The roll in the base is held in position by means of a 3-phase motor. To secure the installation against the force of the wind against the long side, there are tubes mounted on both sides of the curtain. The curtain can be used to such an extent that you only need to brick-build a low base and thus let the curtain constitute the entire external wall either in an insulated or uninsulated barn. A roll curtain including pipes for top and bottom – a windscreen to cover the end of the curtain – Patch fittings – Pull system to top and bottom bars either with a motor or a manual winch.

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