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Market trends

Favourable fundamental global trends driving attractive long-term market growth

Munters supplies products to customers that operate in global industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and agriculture, that serve fundamental human needs. 

Munters benefits from several long-term global trends:

  • Energy Efficiency
    Increased focus on reduction of environmental footprint, which drives demand for energy efficient technologies
  • Quality and Productivity
    Increasing quality standards and competitive pressures underpin the need for solutions that drive higher efficiency and throughput, lower rejection rates and superior shelf lives. In agriculture, the growing global population and increased consumption of protein is driving a need for enhanced productivity in all aspects of agriculture
  • Food Safety and Sustainability
    Focus on sustainability of food production increases demand for advanced climate control solutions that ensure optimal living conditions for farm animals and a hygienic environment for food processing
  • Increasing Regulation
    Stricter environmental standards drive demand for solutions to clean pollutants from exhaust and flue gases. More stringent regulations for production environments or indoor climate require full control over the production environment (including temperature and humidity) and energy-efficient climate control in industrial and commercial buildings
  • Digital Revolution
    Growing data traffic and IoT with an escalation in use of cloud computing and connected devices

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