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Enhance your spray drying process with dehumidification

Enhance your spray drying process with dehumidification

Many food and pharmaceutical production processes rely upon spray drying to ensure product quality. Processes need to be reliable, consistent and efficient, regardless of climate conditions, uncontrolled humidity and temperature, which can cause problems during the drying process.

Humid air causes particles that hit the internal dryer surface to stick inside the chamber. Moist powder can block conveying lines and cause production challenges. A total dehumidification solution can help solve all these challenges.


Munters helps create the perfect climate

Rainy days. Humid summer nights. All year round. Munters creates the perfect climate for your spray drying process, supplying the right climate no matter the season. With total energy efficient solutions, we can help you reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and help you achieve perfect product quality every single time.

Dehumidification of the dryer inlet air provides constant low humidity throughout the drying process. Air dehumidification increases dryer capacity, no matter the ambient weather. The more difficult the product is to dry, the more capacity gained, and in some cases, capacity can double!

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The Munters spray drying solution

Munters has decades of experience in developing proven standard and custom spray drying solutions that can replace exisiting equipment to increase efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Munters solutions upgrade systems with new process steps, for example, capacity can be doubled in an existing spray dryer by drying the air before it enters the spray dryer.

These solutions form an entire system that work together to enhance your spray drying process. These engineered drying solutions can help you achieve perfect product quality.


Main air dehumidification with PureSystem

Munters PureSystem is the premium dehumidifier which is perfect for spray drying applications. This dehumidifier improves production capacity, product quality and overall energy efficiency, while the stainless-steel welded construction guarantees optimal hygiene.


Treat secondary air with PureHP

Munters PureHP is the premium hygienic air treatment system which can effectively recycle air flow in an energy efficient way. The technology is perfect for installation in high care areas thanks to outstanding hygiene and its ability to handle pressure up to 6000 Pa.


Main air heating with VariMax

Air heating is an essential step in the spray drying process, and Munters VariMax with indirect gas is the ideal technology. The smaller footprint and lower weight ensure convenience and simple installation, and it offers efficiency levels of up to 98%, which optimizes energy efficiency. Watch the video here.


Reduce exhaust air noise with PureSound

Munters PureSound dramatically reduces the amount of air¬borne noise emitted, and the baffles can be cleaned in place (CIP), which secures long lasting performance together with improved hygiene. Heat recovery can also be included on request.


Product conveying with Plus systems

To avoid powder to stick during the product transport you need our medium range modular dehumidifiers, Munters offers the Munters Plus systems, which are ideal for the part of the process where product is conveyed towards packing. These flexible systems can be designed to suit your specific needs.


A spray drying customer success story

Based in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Sensus uses the Chicory root to produce Inulin. Used as a sweetener in the food industry, Inulin is a traditional component of the human diet with a sweetening power 10% more potent than sucrose. Sensus uses a spray drying process to convert the concentrated Inulin solution to powder. The product is quite glutinous and can easily foul the system if not carefully monitored. Munters and Sensus agreed on the patented quantum desiccant rotor to enhance Sensus spray drying production. With Munters proven technology, climate is no longer a variable, but a constant factor and production capacity has increased by 40%!


Munters Services - With you all the way

With decades of experience leading the dehumidification industry, Munters knows what it takes to provide customers with the best possible service and solutions.

We'll guide you through the entire process, from choosing the best solution for your needs to helping you keep our premium equipment running at optimum levels.

Industry-leading dehumidification solutions. Premium parts. Service for life.

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Determine the uptime increase, the energy savings and the production volume boost you can achieve with Munters.


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