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Process Industry

Munters designs and engineers the following solutions for process industry: 

1. Horizontal Flow

2. Vertical Flow

Munters provides equipment for the following industries:

1. Chemical Industry

2. Pulp and Paper

3. Food and Beverage

4. Oil and Gas

5. Steel Mills and Metal

6. Other


Horizontal Flow 

Selecting the right vane profile and the amount of stages for your  demister (DH2100 and DH5000) for horizontal flow are key parameters for finding the right costs / benefit performance in your separation project. Together with certain peripherals such as integrated spray piping systems and nozzles for cleaning. We can design and offer the internals or the complete package with casing, vessel, piping and fittings as necessary.

                   Droplet SeparatorMist Eliminator

  • Gas - Liquid Vane Separators: The vane type droplet separator or mist eliminator is used for applications with horizontal gas flows. The vane is suited for low to high gas velocities, eliminates very fine droplets and can be configured to most individual performance demands using various pitches. The benefits includes energy saving operations due to the very low pres sure loss and higher separation efficiency. The applications are in gas cooling processes, removal of condensed liquids, gas cleaning device, absorbers, exhaust air treatment plants, chemical plants, etc.

  • Knock Out Drums: typically used for liquid separation prior to compressor stations or for protecting equipment downstream like catalytic reactors, flares and others. The final configuration and internal parts of a knock out drum will depend on the type of industry and application as well as the expected amount of liquid to be separated.

             Knock out drum  Dust and liquid separator

  • IDM Inlet Devices: this is an advanced type of inlet distributor that is commonly used for introducing gas/liquid mixtures into a vessel or a column. It removes liquid slugs and optimizes the downstream gas flow. The liquid removal capacity of the IDM is very high, with an efficiency of around 90 %. It is designed to handle very large liquid fractions and slugs, yet it has a low pressure drop and a very high resistance to fouling. The IDM not only removes the bulk of the liquid, it also evenly distributes the onward gas flow. The applications include Methanol plants, Olefin plants, Ammonia plants, Compressor suction drums and Knock-out drums. 

Suction Drum Inlet Device

  • DS8000 Spin Vanes: The spin vane separators are an in-line installed equipment used for removing droplets for both horizontal and vertical gas flow. This equipment is specially been designed for separating larger amounts of coarse droplets at higher gas velocities from the gas stream. It is used for gas velocities up to 8 to 12 m/s. The benefits are elimination of excessive amount of liquids and lower pressure drop. Some of the applications include installation within piping systems between equipment, as a chimney fitting to prevent the discharge of condensate droplets, behind wet cleaning facilities involving solid and fibrous fractions or behind exhaust air scrubbers.

          Horizontal Spin Vane Separator


Vertical Flow

Demisters for columns, vertical vane separations as equipment internals, for pipe systems, ducts and stacks.

  • DV270: the most established and popular vane type separator for vertical flow and extremely low pressure drop for speed velocity range 1 to 5 m/sec. This separator is built by modular elements and can be installed via manhole; suitable for retrofit. This gas-liquid separator is available in round shape, rectangular shape as well as in tailor-made arrangement. It can be supplied together with housing and with integrated flushing / cleaning systems for sensitive applications.

DV270 demister

  • DV880: a vane type separator for vertical flow and extremely low pressure drop for speed velocity range 1 to 5 m/sec. This gas-liquid separator is available in round shape, rectangular shape as well as in triangle shape. It can be supplied together with housing and in arrangement with flushing / cleaning systems for sensitive applications. A vertical flow replacement separator of this type allows easy installment and low maintenance. 

DV880 demister

  • DS8000 Spin Vanes: separator for vertical flow and extremely low pressure drop for speed velocity range 1 to 10 m/se c. This gas-liquid separator is available in round shape, it can be supplied with flushing / cleaning systems for sensitive applications. A first choice separator for high speed and for washing out particles. Available for pressure range up to 10 bar.

    Materials: plastic (PP, PVTF, etc.), carbon  steel, stainless steel, duplex, titanium, inconel and others upon request.

Vertical Spin Vane Separator


Chemical Industry

Throughout many chemical processes, liquid-gas separation plays a vital role in recovering lost product or in protecting downstream equipment and processes from droplets in the gas stream.

These droplets could be impurities in the gas phase, caused by condensation during cooling or they are simply caused by high gas velocities resulting in liquid carry-over.

In every case, efficient separation, designed specifically for the job in hand, will save money through recovery of product, enhanced process efficiency and/or reduced wear and damage to equipment.

Solutions include customized liquid-gas separation equipment and demisters for horizontal and vertical flow in the following applications:

  • Sulphur separation in Claus plants

  • Separation of methanol from acid gas

  • Synthesis gas droplet separators for Ammonia plants

  • Condensate separators for nitric and phosphoric acid plants

  • Cracked gas suction drums for Propylene / Ethylene production

  • Natural gas and Syngas KO Drums


Pulp and Paper 

Munters’ mist eliminators and scrubber components achieve excellent results wherever liquid entrainment and gaseous emissions must be controlled or eliminated, such as in the following pulp and paper processes:

  • Evaporators for chemical recovery (black liquor)

  • Dissolving Tank Vent, Blow Tanks and Flash Tank

  • Boiler Exhaust: demisters for power boiler and recovery boiler

  • Bleaching: removal of entrained liquid from tower absorbers

  • CNCG / DNCG / SOG Systems

  • Paper Machines: liquid removal at wet end and exhaust gases particulate removal


Food and Beverage

Munters offers a variety of vertical and horizontal demisters and vane separators for different process units in this industry such as:

  •  Evaporators for the sugar production

  •  Sugar to ethanol plants

  •  Breweries

  •  Destilleries: distillation drum


Oil and Gas 

The need to remove and separate liquids as well as contaminants is fundamental to the oil and gas industry; from exploration through production, transportation, refining right up to point of sale.

  • Knock out drums for compressor stations

  • Multiple stages KO Drums for liquid slugs at the well head including sand and solid particles using i.e. filter cartridges and vane sections

  • Natural gas liquid extraction and glycol dehydration

  • Sulphur separation in Claus plants


Steel mills and Metal

In order to reduce emissions, minimize loss of chemicals, save energy by eliminating liquid content in combustible gases and protect downstream equipment from corrosion, gas-liquid separation equipment is usually required in the different manufacturing areas such as:

  •    Blast furnace

  •    Pickling line

  •    Reduction plant

  •    Coke oven gas treatment



The application spectrum of our equipment is very wide and they are suitable for othe industries like Envionmental and Renewables, Sea water desalination (i.e. MED drum and MSF chamber), Mining, etc.

In general words, our technology will always suit your process for:

  •  Removal of liquid carry-over
  •  Removal of condensed liquid
  •  Removal of contaminants

Our efficient mist eliminators will help you to:

  •  Protect downstream processes and equipment from corrosion
  •  Save energy in subsequent process stages
  •  Recover valuable product
  •  Perform predictably and at high efficiency even under heavy liquid  loading
  •  Using a vane type mist eliminator allows the process to be run at higher velocities, and thus with smaller apparatus diameters

Visit our webpage for mass transfer equipment to see our additional portfolio of column internals within the process industries.  

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