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Ventilation in dairy stable

A Partnership in U.S. Dairy

Munters maker of Aerotech fans have been in the U.S. Dairy market for well over 70 years, and are valued as some of the highest quality fans available in the Dairy market. Aerotech was the first to introduce large diameter circulation fans into the dairy industry in 1999.

The Vortex fan line offers ventilation solutions regarding cross-ventilation as well as calf-housing and parlor ventilation designs. In the majority of cross-ventilated buildings, these fans are used to exhaust air from the building, while pulling fresh air through an inlet on the opposite side. This allows for even airflow across the length of the building. Munters also utilizes Vortex fans in milking parlors and calf barns, occasionally using a positive pressure method. The fans are installed on the exterior walls, blowing fresh air into the building instead of exhausting it. This forces the still air out of the building, and brings fresh air in with a higher velocity where it is needed most.

 The Apex fan line provides hanging fans up to 51” in size, to provide air circulation and air flow concentrated over stalls to cool cows. These fans can be placed to provide high air flow in the most crucial places.. Over 13,000 units have been installed on dairies throughout the Western states and all are still in operation. The Apex fan remains the most durable fan available in the market today. 


Recently Munters has released the Munters Drive fan motor, which offers a higher CFM/watt than a typical belt drive fan. These drives run on a DC current, which minimizes electrical use over a typical AC motor, while maintaining high air flow. These drives are a true variable-speed fan and offer complete variation of fan speed when controlled by a 0-10V signal. The drives virtually eliminate the need for routine maintenance, other than to stop the fans to clean off the fan props and housing. This is especially beneficial with the Apex hanging fans, because of the difficulty associated with working on fans that are hanging several feet in the air. There are no bearings to grease, and no belts or pulleys to replace. Munters also offers a retrofit fan kit for the Munters Drive, which allows customers to replace an older belt-driven fan with the new technology, without having to replace the fan housing.

More information: www.munterdrive.com


Munters  provides the latest in evaporative cooling systems. These systems pair well with the Vortex fan line, offering an increased cooling effect, and significantly benefit cow milk production. The cooling pad acts as the inlet for air into the building. Water is distributed over the pad, and as air travels through the pad, the water is evaporated providing the cooling effect. These systems can make significant improvements in cooling the overall temperature throughout the building. While working best in hot, dry environments, they are still very effective in more humid climates.

Munters has always focused on providing the best customer service in the Industry, and looks forward to assisting you with your ventilation needs in the future. 

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