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New US test lab powered by renewable electricity

Kas 23, 2022

Our new test lab in the USA will be powered by renewable electricity, saving us over 120,000 tons of CO2 per year. The equivalent of taking around 26 cars off the road annually.

Earlier this year, Munters made it mandatory to conduct an environmental impact assessment of all new investments.

This means that every time we replace or buy new equipment, we must also look for and evaluate an alternative that is better for the environment.

We recently had an opportunity to do just that with the move of our test lab in Virginia to the new manufacturing site in Daleville.

Maj-Britt Hällmark, senior advisor and member of our Sustainability Core Team, worked together with Mike Boucher, who heads the lab, and David Cromwell, vice president of Global Quality - EHS, to propose an electric option, which meant a 20% (2 MSEK) more expensive solution compared to the natural gas alternative. 

“Despite the longer financial payback for the electric option, the investment was approved because our management recognized that it is the right thing to do for the environment and our business in the long run,” says Hällmark.

Mike Boucher says the investment also creates a better test lab.

“Electric heat gives us better control than what we can get with diesel or propane boilers,” he says. “This means our test data will be more accurate and we will have a higher level of confidence in our equipment.”

By 2030, Munters aims for net-zero emissions from our operations.

To date, 62% of the electricity in our factories comes from renewable energy sources, such as biofuels and hydropower. In 2026, we want that figure to be at least 80%.

Several factories are already operating with 100% renewable electricity. But some are still dependent on natural gas. In these facilities, Munters is looking at ways to become more energy efficient.

"Since 2020, we have made steady progress in increasing our share of renewable energy and reducing the use of water in our factories," says David Cromwell. "Together with our managers and employees, we are turning every stone to reach our net-zero target."

Find out how we are progressing to net-zero emissions.

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