Mist Eliminators / Mist Eliminators

DV210RF 2-stage Mist Eliminator system

DV Series - Vane-type

  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Equipped with flushing / cleaning systems for plugging sensitive applications
  • Low maintenance —Modules are easy to clean, also during system operation
  • Broad range of materials — Special materials upon request
  • Flow optimization gives better process performance and stability
  • Increased service life of coarse and fine separators
  • Cuts maintenance time
  • Eliminates loss of product and downstream wear


Описание продукта

The system is typically installed in gas cleaning devices such as flue gas desulphurization absorbers and wet scrubbers. DV210 RF has several functions such as the protection of the downstream gas-gas heat exchanger (GGH) from droplets, the best available elimination of liquid carry-over escaping into the environment and finally the highest retention of liquid solvent avoiding losses during operation.

DV210 RF has been designed to address applications with medium to high liquid loads, medium face velocities and low residual liquid loads behind the mist eliminator. High efficiency combined with low construction height make this product fitting ideal into the product range of vertical flow mist eliminators. The intelligent placement of the DV210 RF in the flow vortex area in the top of the absorber reduces the total pressure loss of the mist eliminator system more than 25%.

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