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SM inlet shutters series

SM inlet shutters series

Воздушные клапаны SMT пригодны для использования в тепличном хозяйстве, на птицефермах, а также в традиционных отраслях промышленности.

Чтобы обеспечить быстрое и чувствительное управление притоком свежего воздуха в здание, можно применять воздушные клапаны SMT.

  • Housing frame made of the corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Shutter bearing and seals made of high resistance acetalic plastic with UV protection, and are maintenance-free
  • Shutter systems have been designed to be matched and balanced in a size ratio with the Euroemme range of exhaust fans, for energy and pressure drop efficiency
  • SM shutter systems are specially designed to transformed circulation fans to exhaust fans
  • Each motor and shutter system is individually tested for 100% quality control and performance
  • Simple and easy installation
  • SMT motorized version allows simplicity with automation of ventilation inlet requirements

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