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Energy efficiency

Energy efficient products

Our energy efficient air treatment solutions provide cleaner air and better animal protection, thus contributing to a healthier planet.

We are constantly working to make our products and solutions more energy and resource efficient to help our customer reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability is an important driver for developing new products and a main reason why customers choose a Munters’ product as it improves and extends the life of their own products and services.

Renewable energy

We want to be more energy efficient in our production facilities. Today, six of 18 production sites receive their electricity from renewable energy sources. The goal is that half of all our facilities will be powered by green energy by 2021.

Greener transport

We want to transport more goods by rail and have a fleet of electric trucks. For business trips, new and improved digital tools for virtual meetings allow us to meet without traveling and we encourage our employees to use electric or hybrid rental cars.

Goals and outcomes 2019

Energy efficiency

Electricity consumption in our production facilities will continu­ally decrease. (MWh/production value, SEK 000).



Outcome 2018: 1.11%
Outcome 2017: 1.15%

Green electricity

The share of electricity from renewable sources in our production facilities will continually increase.



Outcome 2018: 31%
Outcome 2017: 29%

Recycling rate

The proportion of waste reused or recycled out of the total amount of waste will continually increase.




Outcome 2018: 59%
Outcome 2017: 57%

Environmental fines

Fines received owing to non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations. The goal is not to receive any fines. An environmental audit in Mexico found one area of non-compliance regarding waste management administration. The issue was addressed immediately, but unfortunately resulted in a fine of SEK 50,000. A follow-up audit found no non-compliance.


50,000 SEK

Outcome 2018: 0 SEK
outome 2017: 0 SEK

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The activities that Munters carries out in the area of resource efficiency support the following areas in the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Munters’ products contribute to greater resource efficiency in food production. By increasing efficiency, we can help to reduce the pressure on the Earth’s resources and promote sustainable agriculture.


Munters’ products contribute to increased resource efficiency, which also includes less use of water in the processes where Munters’ products are installed.


Through our energy-efficient products, we can ensure that our customers will consume less energy and that their environmental impact will be lower.


We are working to reduce our own environmental impact through energy- and resource efficient production facilities. We also contribute with innovative solutions for our customers, so they can reduce their impact.


We work continuously to limit the environmental impact of the transportation methods we use.


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