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Our community engagement

At Munters, we believe that working together with our local communities is essential for our success. We know that community projects not only benefit our customers and potential employees but also create a sense of pride and engagement among our team members. When we collaborate with our neighbors, we build stronger relationships and create a positive impact on the world around us. By being active and engaged in our communities, we not only improve our own company but also contribute to the greater good. At Munters, we're proud to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Below you'll find a selection of our community activities:

Munters Italy is collaborating with Alta Scuola Politecnica, ASP, an honor program for fourth-year students attending the Polytechnic University in Milan and Turin. Together, we are working on a project to investigate water conservation alternatives in evaporative cooling for greenhouses. The project, called GREENWEC, concluded in September 2023. The project team includes seven students and five teachers. We have invested EUR 10,000, the maximum donation for the project.

Instead of scrapping used equipment and components, we try to find ways to reuse them. For example, we donated 12 pumps to the local civil defense authority in Chiusavecchia, Italy. The pumps will be used to drain buildings after a flood.

Munters is working with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department in Massachusetts, US to help low-risk prisoners gain work experience. The goal is to help them build skills so that after being released they will have an opportunity to find a well-paying job, which can reduce recidivism.

We can’t change the world, or save it, in a day. But the small actions we take on a daily basis create real change. The management team of our business area AirTech spent time together fishing plastic out of Amsterdam’s canals.

The local sustainability committee in Amesbury, in the US, carried out a number of activities during the year. The members met monthly to discuss and implement initiatives to improve the local factory. This year, for example, they stopped using disposable plastic cups in break rooms and replaced them with reusable Nalgene bottles for each employee. The team also launched a composting pilot program that is being carefully monitored in the hopes of adding compost bins throughout the factory.

Munters has supported several important initiatives for children in Steinfurt, Germany. This includes an anti-violence campaign, where money was donated to finance educational materials. Another initiative, initiated by the International
Police Association, was to provide small children with coloring books to make them aware of challenges they may encounter,
from dangers in road traffic to child abuse. The books tell children what to do in such situations and are meant to be a support for educators and parents to talk to their children about important topics.

The city of Lansing in Michigan has encouraged manufacturing companies to seek community. Munters joined the Capital Area Manufacturing Council (CAMC) Member Tour, for networking among local manufacturing companies. A number of activities have been carried out: The Sixteen HS Mentorship Program informed senior highschool students about opportunities post-graduation and Manufacturing day included site visits for students. Our local engagement included a donation of 8 3D printing filaments to a robotics club.

Read about more community engagment at page 69 in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023.

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