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UN Global Goals 2030

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to ensure prosperity and at the same time protect the planet. Munters supports all 17 SDGs and has identified the following goals where we feel that we have a greater impact and thereby an opportunity to make a difference. in certain areas Munters can also have a negative impact, as we describe below.

The Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 2: Zero hunger

Zero hungerWe offer energy-efficient climate cooling systems for agriculture and the food industry in a broad range of segments, from livestock and egg production to milk farms and greenhouses.

Our most important actions: To develop and offer products and solutions that optimize product quality while at the same time conserving energy and increasing productivity

Negative impact: Increased food production can lead to increased consumption of meat, which can cause a negative impact.

SDG 5 and 10: Gender equality and reduced inequalities


SDG 10_ENG.jpg

We are convinced that diversity leads to greater innovation and higher profit. We will have a corporate culture distinguished by equal treatment and equal opportunities for everyone, as well as reasonable compensation. Therefore, we are also working to increase the share of Munters employees and leaders who are women.

Our most important actions:

  • Anti-discrimination policy and work
  • Actively promote diversity and inclusion
  • Committed and actively working according to the UN Target Gender Equality program
  • Periodic surveys on employee engagement and experiences
  • External, independent whistleblower service

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitationOur products can make a big difference, since they use less or no water in the processes where they are installed, an important competitive factor especially in the agricultural and data center segments. We also supply products and solutions that are necessary in the operation of waterworks and water treatment plants.

Our most important actions:

  • Offer water-efficient products
  • Improve water efficiency and treat wastewater in our own operation

Negative impact: We use water in part of the production processes and are working to reduce its consumption. We separate chemicals and particles in the wastewater from our facilities.

SDG 7 and 13: Affordable and clean energy and climate action

Clean energyTheGlobalGoals_Icons_Color_Goal_13.png

We can make a significant difference through our offering and in our own operations. Our products are energy-efficient and help customers in every segment to reduce their energy consumption.

Our most important actions:

  • Offer innovative products and solutions that help customers to improve their energy efficiency with high quality and thereby lengthen the service life of our products
  • Continuously reduce our own electricity consumption and increase the share of renewable electricity. Gradually increase the share of electric vehicles

Negative impact: Primary parts of the value chain where we cannot control the use, for example, of transports by suppliers and subcontractors. To mitigate this and gain a better understanding of our impact, a Group-wide project is underway to calculate indirect carbon emissions according to the GHQ Protocol Scope 3. We also contribute negatively to the goal both directly and indirectly through consumption of non-renewable energy in various parts of the value chain.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Decent work and economic growthMunters will be an employer of choice. To ensure high employee motivation, the safety and well-being of our employees are our highest priority. We also want our major suppliers to share the same view of their employees as we have.

Our most important actions:

  • Working proactively to increase risk awareness and continuously improve routines and processes
  • Requirement that our major suppliers commit to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact through our Code of Conduct
  • We have signed the UN Global Compact

Negative impact: By maintaining a profitable and sustainable business, we create jobs in large parts of the world, including in less developed countries. We are aware of the risks inherent in operating in certain parts of the world. Therefore, the work being done to prevent trafficking and modern slavery is a priority for us. The company is also pursuing this issue together with suppliers and subcontractors. In certain countries, the risk that workplace safety will be neglected is higher due to a lower level of safety awareness. We work proactively throughout the Group to increase awareness and continuously improve routines and processes that minimize the risk of workplace accidents.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and productionWe develop and supply products and solutions that have a positive impact on our customers and our own use of natural resources. Within the Group, we are working to minimize environmental impacts through systematic quality improvements.

Our most important actions:

  • When innovating, proactively choose products and solutions with a positive environmental impact
  • Efficient use of material and waste management
  • Service offer that extends the efficiency and lifespan of our products
  • Perform audits among our largest suppliers to ensure that they follow the Munters Code of Conduct

SDG 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

SDG 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions

Peace, justice and strong institutions

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