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Wood storage

Wood storage

Inconsistent temperatures and humidity levels affect the humidity quota in wood. To keep the moisture content of wood on a constant level and provide a reliable manufacturing process with minimal waste control of both air humidity and temperature is required.

Why relative humidity matters

Wood moisture content is directly tied to the relative humidity of the ambient air. This means that the moisture content will increase with a higher relative humidity, if not controlled. Wood that has been recently transported may take on more moisture or it may dry out, and in either case the physical condition of the wood will change.


Dust control

Sawmills and wood processing industries must reduce dust as much as possible to protect machinery and maintain a healthy working environment. The most effective way to control dust is with a humidification system. A Munters humidification system, which can make a significant difference!


Get the optimal indoor climate

Munters is a global leader in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient humidification solutions. Hygienic climate control solutions powered by green energy sources. Munters humidification solutions create indoor environments that are healthy, productive and sustainable.

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