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Euroemme® EC52 cone fan

EC Extraction Fans

  • High airflow and high efficiency
  • Fan housing, cone and venturi made of the corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Special cone design for optimal use of installation space (EC52)
  • Patent pending shutter opening device (EC52)
  • Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control
  • Optional belt-tensioner available for increased v-belt lifetime and reduced maintenance
  • Optional 4 shaped cone sectors (EC52)


  • 벨트 텐셔너

제품 설명

Due to the fact that tunnel-ventilated houses are growing in size and complexity, there is an increasing demand for more powerful, reliable and energy-efficient exhaust fans. The Euroemme® EC52 exhaust cone fan has been especially designed to fulfill that demand. The EC52 fan is the ideal fan for high airflow capacity at high static pressure, and low energy consumption. The square fan housing, the discharge cone, shutter blades and the air-conveyor (Venturi) are made of galvanized steel sheet. The 4-blade propeller is statically and dynamically balanced, resulting in low vibration and low noise level during operation. The propeller is attached to the central pulley, which comprise - together with the V-belt and electrical motor - the belt drive system. As part of the design of the outlet it is composed of 4 cone sectors which can be assembled on site to form the complete discharge cone. The shutter blades placed on the inlet side are operated by the centrifugal opening device. The EC52 fan has been designed, tested and developed in the Munters R&D lab, while the performances were confirmed by tests performed in BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Department of University of Illinois – USA.

  • 기술 사양
2.0 HP
Propeller diameter 1,335 inch
Motor 2.0 hp
Airflow at 0Pa 49,500 m3/h
Airflow at 25Pa 44,700 m3/h
Airflow at 50Pa 36,400 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 32.7 m3/h /W
1.0 HP
Propeller diameter 1,335 inch
Motor 1.0 hp
Airflow at 0Pa 42,200 m3/h
Airflow at 25Pa 35,100 m3/h
Airflow at 50Pa 26,200 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 43.7 m3/h /W

우리는 전문가 입니다

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