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Increase Filter Life and Lower Pressure Drop, Gas Turbine

With rising energy costs and shortages around the world, the Power and Process industries continue to seek innovative solutions. The demand for energy worldwide continues to rise faster than generating capacity, and the deregulation of the electric power industry has created a demand for products that will make power producers more efficient.

Foreign matter entering the air houses of Gas Turbines

Modern Gas Turbine air houses have made great strides towards improving the quality of air introduced into the turbine, but even those modern plant designs may suffer from fouling due to ingestion of dust, particulate, liquid and salt air. With proper application of Mist Elimination techniques these risks can be reduced.

Change from weather hoods to Mist Elimination system

A Munters customer in Trinidad has 4 Gas Turbine trains with a total of 27 gas turbines. The energy from the gas turbines is used to compress the natural gas into a liquid state for storage. The plant was experiencing downgrades in power and frequent filter changes in their air houses. Munters was called in to look at the existing air houses which use weather hoods for protection. After a full inspection of all units it was determined the best way to extend the filter life would be to remove the hoods and install a Munters Mist Elimination system to reduce the amount of foreign matter reaching the filters. The customer selected Train 1 as there first installation, with 6 turbines this train was the closest to the ocean and experiencing the greatest filter problems. After a trial period on Train 1 it was determined that the mist eliminators were increasing filter life by more than two times!

Because large volumes of air are required to operate a Gas Turbine, the power output and fuel consumption of a gas turbine generator are highly dependent upon the gas flow and the quality of air drawn into the combustion chamber. With cleaner air there will be less fouling of the filters and less loss of combustion air. Lower pressure drop also results in improved efficiency, which improves output and saves money. It was determined that a complete framed mist elimination system would be provided by Munters, who manufactured the equipment in Fort Myers, FL, shipped the components to Trinidad where local contractors assembled the components into full face units that were installed on the bolt holes for the weather hoods. Munters has worked with various end users and OEM’s in the industry.

Hızlı greçekler

  • Highly efficient drop and particles removal
  • Protects air filters and prolongs filter lifetime
  • Protects turbine blades from erosion, corrosion and scaling
  • Very low pressure drop

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