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Temperature control at Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium is a 55,000-seat multi-purpose venue located in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. It hosts a wide variety of events including Australian Football, Rugby League/Union, Football, cricket and concerts including U2, Robbie Williams, Barbra Streisand, and Bon Jovi. Dalkia Energy Solutions has over 48,000 employees located in 35 countries. As Veolia Environment´s energy services company, Dalkia Energy Solutions operates in Australia and New Zealand with 400 employees and has a national network of fourteen offices providing services to customers across many segments. Dalkia Energy Solutions is also the sole authorized agent for Trane HVAC products, as well as Tracer and Trend Building Management Systems (BMS).

Temperature control and energy efficiency needed

Year-round 26 to 27 C conditions for the chiller set (condensing sets) were needed to get an IPLV (Integral Part Load Variant) and equivalent COP of 7:1.

The Munters solution

Munters was asked by Dalkia to install an Evaporative Pre-cooler EPCC-75-TraneRTAC20 to their mounted air-cooled chiller unit. The unit fits onto conventional single and double-stage condensers and the roof-top DX unit (Trane RTAC 200). It pre-cools air entering the condenser system, which improves or equals condenser cooling performance with lower energy consumption.

The pre-cooler has been designed as a natural addition to new air-cooled condenser system, lowering running costs, extending the condenser lifecycle and helping conserve energy, and the environment. It has provided a 30% increase in efficiency (COP), which is a great result for this prestigious project.

Hızlı greçekler

  • Evaporative pre-cooler installed
  • Improves condenser cooling performance
  • Uses less energy
  • Provides 30% efficiency increase

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