Koelers en Bevochtigers



  • Turbine werkt efficiënt, ongeacht het klimaat
  • Vermindert of elimineert de noodzaak voor extra turbines
  • Altijd voorspelbaar geleverd vermogen
  • Turbines werken met optimale efficiëntie
  • Gemakkelijk te installeren, ook in bestaande apparatuur
  • Verbeterd geleverd vermogen
  • Efficiënter gebruik van brandstof
  • Korte afschrijvingsperiode


  • Directe adiabatische koeling

product omschrijving

As the global demand for energy rises, the role that gas turbines play will be more and more important. Gas turbines are convenient, modular and flexible and can address demand for an increased energy baseload capacity. However, rising ambient temperatures have a negative effect on gas turbine power output. With the use of Munters well-established and tested evaporative cooling technologies the effects of ambient temperature on gas turbine output are countered.

These technologies can be applied to newbuilds as well as being retrofitted. Knowing which one will work best for you can be advised by Munters experienced team to provide cost-effective technology that is flexible and without adverse downstream effects such as pressure loss or corrosion.

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