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ServiceCaire™ agreement grants optimal operation and energy savings

Swedish AB Cernelle is the founder of superior pollen extracts for medical treatment. Started in 1953, the company had a vision that purified extracts of pollen would be of value to improve human health. Methods were created for large scale pollen collection and processing used to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients – Cernitin pollen extracts. Today Cernelle is passionately committed to developing and delivering certain pollen extract drugs for the effective relief of lower urinary tract symptoms caused by benign prostate abnormalities, such as prostate hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain syndrome. Cernitol, Cernitol Novum and Cernilton are registered pharmaceutical drugs based on Cernelle´s superior and unique pollen extracts. Cernilton is used as a first line treatment in Japan today. During 2015 over 200 million tablets were sold in Europe and Asia. Cernelle has dedicated facilities for pollen extraction and dry pharmaceutical production of tablets, capsules and powder. The company is certified by the Swedish Medical Product Agency. Since March 2005 the company is a subsidiary of Backahill AB.

Pollen spray drying

Cernelle has used a Munters MX2100 desiccant dehumidifier in the pollen extract spray drying process. Over the years the dehumidifier’s electrical parts started to falter as a result of sugar dust in the air near the spray drier. The control system of the dehumidifier also started to become outdated.

Munters Service always cares

For years Cernelle has had a ServiceCaire™ agreement with Munters, including an annual preventive maintenance visit. During these visits the dehumidifier has been inspected and parts with wear and tear have been replaced. As part of the agreement, Munters constantly evaluates equipment condition and modifications of the MX dehumidifier have been made to optimize performance.

Recently it became apparent that replacing the MX dehumidifier with a modern and more energy-efficient dehumidifier would be beneficial, and Munters prepared a recommendation to Cernelle that would improve both performance and energy efficiency.

Modern and energy efficient
A ML23 desiccant dehumidifier was installed in a small room next to the spray drier to avoid the negative impact from sugar dust. The ML23 is a modern dehumidifier that offers numerous standard advanced features including an integrated PLC unit that displays over ten alarm indicators, an operating time counter, and an optional remote control.

A remote display has been placed in a central control room. From here, both read-outs and changes to settings can easily be carried out. The dehumidifier also has integrated heat recovery, making it extremely energy efficient.

Up to 75% energy savings
Cernelle has realized huge benefits after installing the new ML23 dehumidifier. Not only is it much easier to operate the unit remotely, but energy costs have been reduced by up to 75%. The new ML23 system can run in ventilation mode when no dehumidification is needed. This feature minimizes running cost, which was not possible with the former MX dehumidifier.

Ted Johansson, technical and maintenance responsible at Cernelle, greatly appreciates the benefits of the ServiceCaire™ agreement. He leaves the maintenance to Munters and gets best possible system operations and energy saving option advice. With the new solution he benefits from more stable climate conditions, and, of course, he also welcomes the financial advantages of this modern dehumidifier.

snelle feiten

  • Dehumidifier maintained for optimal performance
  • Minimized breakdown risk
  • Focus on energy savings and updates to optimize operation
  • Upgrade of dehumidification solution saves up to 75% energy

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