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IS800 Air Inlet

IS attic inlets

  • 특허 받은 “스타 환기구” 시스템이 유입 공기의 올바른 양 및 방향 조절
  • 액세서리로 사용가능한 환기구 아래 공기 순환기 배치
  • 튼튼한 흑백 색상의 매끄럽고 내오염성이 있는 폴리에틸렌으로 제조
  • 최소의 선적 부피 및 용이한 설치
  • 대부분의 건물에 적용할 수 있는 다양한 모델. 12-25도 경사진 곳에 설치 가능한 멀티플렉스 지붕 플래싱.
  • 600mm와 800mm의 두 가지 직경 옵션 및 중천장용 모델도 보유
  • 야생 동물 진입 방지용 필수 그물 철망
  • 견고한 상부 덮개 및 원뿔 바닥의 홈으로 확실한 빗물 방지


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제품 설명

IS air inlets are designed to be used as ceiling or roof inlets in livestock structures. The patented Star Diffuser ensures that the incoming air stream is accurately controlled and radially distributed to create a uniform climate inside the structure. During cold periods, the cold incoming air should be heated before it makes contact with any animals housed inside a structure. For this purpose, the unique design of the star diffuser directs air horizontally out when it is set to small openings. This allows the cold incoming air to be mixed with the hot air that is found near the roof of the structure. If a ceiling is installed, the air can be directed along the ceiling. Doing this use can be made of the Coanda effect in which the airstream “sticks” longer to the ceiling. This allows for more mixing time between the cold incoming air and the hot air near the ceiling. During hot periods, the ventilation demand for livestock structures increases and it is no longer necessary to heat up the incoming air before it comes in contact with the animals. The star diffuser responds perfectly to this change in ventilation demand. As the blades of the diffuser open more, it starts to direct air down towards the animals, thereby supplying more air directly to the animals.

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370 W
Weight of fully equipped fan 39 kg
Nominal propeller speed 900 rpm
Airflow at 0 Pa 18,969 m3/h
Airflow at 0 Pa 11,158 cfm
Specific performance at 0 Pa 18.9 m3/h /W
Specific performance at 0 Pa 11.1 cfm /W
Propeller diameter 800 mm
Propeller diameter 31.5 inch
Number of blades 5
Propeller pitch 35 °
Max. operating temperature 50 °C
Max. operating temperature 122 °F
IEC protective class of electric motor IP55
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우리는 우리의 제품을 알고있다. 우리는
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