Greenhouse owner

Creating a tropical-like greenhouse climate

In the beautiful area of the Colli Eganei, (Euganean Hills) lies Europe’s first botanical garden. And in this province of Padova, Northern Italy, is the town of Galzignano Terme. With its small population of just over 4,000, the land rises 22 meters above sea level. It is here in this region’s eastern foothills that the Gamberoni family produces its colourful orchid flowers.

Create the ideal temperature and relative humidity levels

The Phalaenopsis are tropical orchids that demand warm temperature, low light and high relative humidity. In the wild they are typically found below the canopies of moist and humid lowland forests, protected against direct sunlight, but equally in seasonally dry or cool environments.

Fantastic results thanks to the Munters climate control

Thanks to the Munters climate control, the temperature in the greenhouses are now where they should be at 10 to 15°C below the outside temperature. Together with our 70% RH, the Phalaenopsis orchid has very good flowering conditions now,” says Mr.Gamberoni. He also states that without the Munters’ climate control system, he would not have been able to start this new business. “The floral market required this particular type of orchid and now we can meet these demands.” Installed Munters’ equipment EM50 Euroemme extraction fans; CELdek 7090-15 evaporative cooling pads; precoated steel gutter system and EDC18 Euroemme air blowers.

In addition to the normal pad and fan cooling system, Mr. Gamberoni also installed Euroemme EDC18 air blowers. Not only does this help to control the humidity, it is also very useful to dry the plants quickly after irrigation.

기본 정보

  • Constantly keep the RH at optimum level of 70%
  • Constantly keep the temperature 10-15°C below outside temperature
  • Grow orchid varieties that are highly valued on the market

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