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Supplier Day: Strengthening partnerships and driving efficiency

jun 29, 2023

Munters’ Supplier Day event took place in Stockholm on May 24, with an impressive turnout of 110 attendees, including 37 suppliers and all Business Area (BA) representatives.

The gathering served as an effective means of communication and a platform to set clear expectations.

The day kicked off with CEO Klas Forsström who delivered an insightful presentation on the corporate strategy. BA presidents also shared their perspectives, diving deeper into their respective areas and highlighting the importance of maintaining healthy margins and focusing on efficiency rather than lowering prices.

The event further delved into functional aspects, such as the roadmap for sustainability, the ongoing efforts to improve operational efficiency and supplier chain financing, highlighting the importance of collaborative financial solutions.

A notable highlight of the day was the Supplier Award, presented by Per Horneij, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Munters. Laufan was recognized for going the extra mile and opening up its supplier network to Munters, taking calculated business risks to reduce lead time.

Improvement remained a key theme, focusing on growth, profitability, and cash flow. Supply Chain Financing emerged as a critical concept, enabling suppliers to receive early payments and optimize working capital. The introduction of the IFS system, which will standardize business processes, was announced, indicating a step towards enhanced efficiency.

Sustainable practices were also emphasized during the event.

Munters aims to achieve net zero emissions from its operations by 2030 and as part of this, it will introduce tougher requirements on its suppliers when it comes to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. Clear goals and avoidance of virgin materials were emphasized, accompanied by requests for factual data.

"We received fantastic feedback on how well-prepared the event was,” says Stefan Måhl, Group Vice President of Business Excellence at Munters. “We had put in tremendous effort to find the common thread, showcasing that our focus extends beyond cost savings. We now work more holistically with cash flow initiatives and, most importantly, sustainability where our suppliers and other stakeholders seem to be truly awakening."

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