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Manufacturing of Inverness Medical Shanghai Convoyed by Munters Dehumidifiers

jun 30, 2015

The Successful Application of Munters High-efficiency and Hygeian Dehumidification Systems in Inverness Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Inverness Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (“IMSh”) is located in the biologically pharmaceutical industrial base of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area. It is a joint venture of Inverness Medical Innovations Inc (“IMI”) and Shanghai Biochip Co., LTD (“SBS”). It provides all-kinds of high quality rapid diagnostic tests to the global market as the management center of modern R&D, production and sales. To ensure that the critical processes fully conforms to China GMP requirements, IMSh has always used Munters dehumidification systems to strictly control the humidity of production area and warehouse since it was founded in 2005.

The rapid diagnostic tests are humidity sensitive products; the safety and quality of them are directly affected by the changes of air humidity. The shelf life of the tests will shorten even failure once they absorb moisture from the air. In addition, the raw materials of the rapid diagnostic tests will stick together, fragment and then go mouldy if they are affected with damp, which leads to the blockage of the production equipment, low efficiency and a waste of time of the pharmaceutical factory. During the whole production process, it’s vital to provide a sterile and duct-free environment, and make well control of the temperature and humidity(RH 20%, 24℃). However, Shanghai is a coastal city with humid climate all year round. On average, the relative humidity of more than 2/3 days of a year is above 70%. IMSh therefore relies on Mutners dehumidification systems to make accurate control of the environment humidity and safeguard environmental hygiene.

The R&D and production base of IMSh has been expanding for the past ten years and the cooperation between IMSh and Munters China is getting inseparably associated correspondingly. IMSh has purchased 9 sets of MT dehumidifiers by far. To check the running status of Munters products and deeply discuss the further cooperation with IMSh management team, Andrew Cook, Global Segment Director of AirT Industrial, visited IMSh accompanied by the China AirT team at the end of May. The representatives of IMSh warmly welcomed Munters team and expressed their satisfaction on Munters dehumidifiers. Xuguang Shen, Property Manager of SBS said during the meeting, “Munters is certainly the leader of the global dehumidification industry. Thank you for providing us energy-efficient dehumidifiers, prompt technical guidance and equipment maintenance, which are the guarantee for our safe and stable production in past 10 years.” Andrew concluded,” It’s glad to hear the high praise from IMSh. Health, Safety and Hygiene for customers is essential to Munters dehumidification systems and our rotors have been proven by The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology to have both bactericidal and fungicidal properties, which is especially applicable for industries with high sanitary standard such as pharmaceutical industry. “ Kevin Wang, National Sale Manager of AirT China, explained further,” We strive to exceed customer's expectations rather than meet their expectations only. We endeavor to improve our product quality and after-sales service. Above all, our energy-efficient technology can save about 30% energy consumption for our customers. For example, a set of 10,000-airflow dehumidifier can meet the dehumidification demands of 500m2 area and the running cost it saves is up to 200 thousand every year.

Munters dehumidification solutions have served millions of customers in pharmaceutical industry for 60 years. By virtue of rich experience and innovative technology, we constantly develop cleaner, more energy-efficient dehumidifiers to help the customer achieve its objective of energy saving, cost control and productivity improvement. Munters rolled out the newly developed GreenDryTM series dehumidifier for the China market this April. It has been a great hit for pharmaceutical industry because of its compact structure, simple installation, durability and hygiene.

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