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Climate control

Indoor climate control is essential for the well-being of layer hens as it helps to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels. This helps to prevent heat stress and respiratory problems, which can lead to decreased egg production and increased mortality rates. Proper climate control also helps to promote the overall health and welfare of the birds, which can improve their productivity and longevity.

  • Temperature


    The ideal temperature for layer hens is between 60-65°F (15-18°C). Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can cause stress on the birds and reduce egg production.

  • Lighting


    Layer hens require a certain amount of light to lay eggs and maintain good health. This can be provided through natural or artificial light, but it's essential to ensure that the light levels are appropriate for the birds.

  • Humidity


    Optimal humidity levels for layer hens is between 40-60%. High humidity can lead to respiratory problems and poor egg quality, while low humidity can cause dryness and irritation of the birds' eyes and skin.

  • Ventilation


    Adequate ventilation and circulation are crucial for removing excess moisture, heat, and ammonia from the air. This can be achieved through the use of fans, vents, and other Munters solutions.

Optimize your layer hen farm with digital climate control

Elevate your layer hen farming with the Munters ONE. The Munters ONE ensures your layer hens experience ideal living conditions throughout their lifecycle. With precision temperature control, intelligent ventilation, and real-time data analytics, it maximizes egg production and bird welfare. The intuitive interface empowers you to customize settings effortlessly, while remote monitoring lets you manage your flock from anywhere.

Say goodbye to climate-related challenges and hello to consistent, optimal conditions. With the Munters ONE, you're not just managing a layer hen house; you're crafting an environment for success. Experience unmatched efficiency and profitability today.


Experience the benefits of the Munters ONE climate controller



For cold weather climates, proper insulation and efficient heating systems ensure a warm and draft-free environment to prevent cold stress and maintain bird comfort.


In hot weather climates, evaporative cooling systems play a vital role in maintaining comfortable temperatures for your birds.

Cloud-based poultry climate control

Get real-time control of layer hen house climate from any device. Our cloud-based software includes secure, optimized management of settings, profiles, and devices. Control ventilation by temperature, humidity, CO2 and ammonia to maintain proper air quality.


Control your farms with our digital tools

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Ventilation and circulation in layer hen houses

Ventilation and circulation in a poultry house supplies fresh air that is essential for the welfare of your flock, preventing the buildup of harmful gases like ammonia and CO2. Adequate airflow ensures the removal of excess moisture, waste and pollutants, promoting the health and well-being of the birds and improving egg production.


Improve ventilation for layer hens

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Precision environments for optimal egg production

Precision climate control is essential in a profitable layer hen house as it helps to create an optimal indoor environment for the birds. This includes controlling temperature, humidity, and air flow to maintain the health and well-being of the birds, which in turn leads to improved egg production.

Precision climate control also helps to reduce the risk of disease outbreaks and minimizes stress on the birds, ensuring they are protected from extreme temperatures and humidity levels. A well-controlled climate can lead to increased feed efficiency and egg production, as well as better bird health, which in turn increases the overall efficiency and profitability of the poultry operation.

Optimize Energy Efficiency with Heat X Rotate

Maximize the use of poultry generated heat to save on energy costs and maintain a healthy environment for your birds. Keep them comfortable with Heat X Rotate. This solution creates an optimal climate while reducing heating expenses.


Save energy with Heat X Rotate

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