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Climate control

Effective climate control systems play a critical role in maintaining the health and productivity of broiler chickens. These systems regulate temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation to provide an optimal environment for the birds. Temperature control prevents heat stress and promotes growth, while humidity control prevents respiratory issues and improves feed efficiency. Proper ventilation removes excess moisture, heat, and ammonia, reducing the buildup of harmful particulates and maintaining optimal air quality. Provide an environment that maximizes flock performance, while ensuring that bird health and welfare are not compromised.

  • Temperature


    Maintaining a consistent temperature between 25°C to 30°C is important for the birds' efficiently converting feed to weight.

  • Lighting


    A consistent lighting schedule with at least 16 hours of light per day is important for the birds' growth and well-being.

  • Humidity


    Maintaining a relative humidity between 40-70% is important to prevent respiratory issues and maintain the birds' comfort.

  • Ventilation


    Ventilation and circulation is necessary to maintain air quality, prevent the buildup of harmful gases, and regulate temperature and humidity levels.

Maximizing broiler production with precision climate control

Achieving optimal broiler growth and production requires precise management of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, and circulation. These factors can have a significant impact on bird health, feed conversion rates, and uniform weight gain. A consistent climate enables the chicks to build up adequate immunity resulting in much lower stress levels.

By implementing Munters precision climate control systems, broiler farmers can ensure a consistent and controlled environment for their flocks, achieving their genetic potential. From hatch to harvest, effective climate control is crucial for maximizing weight gain, reducing costs and maintaining a healthy and sustainable operation.


Experience the benefits of Trio Poultry Controller

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Keeping your houses within the broiler comfort zone

The comfort zone is defined as the temperature zone in which the birds are able to keep their body temperature constant with minimum effort. This temperature zone also depends on the feeding level and housing conditions. Behaviors of birds will change when temperatures rise to above the comfort zone as they will start to pant and change their body position. When temperatures are below the comfort zone birds will also change their body position and huddle together.

When they are too hot, they suffer of heat stress. If the temperature is too low, birds increase their feed intake but have to use more of that feed energy to keep their bodies warm. If temperature is too high, they reduce feed intake to limit heat production. Adequate ventilation prevents heat build up and keeps birds in their optimum performance zone.


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For cold weather climates, our heaters and insulation solutions help maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring bird comfort and minimizing energy consumption.


In hot climates, our evaporative cooling pads efficiently lower temperatures and reduce heat stress, while our circulation fans ensure effective air distribution.

Maximize energy efficiency with Munters heat recovery system

The "Heat-X" Rotate is a compact air-air heat exchanger that recovers heat from exhaust air in poultry and pig stables. Unlike competitors' solutions, it doesn't require preliminary filtration and has low pressure loss. It also features fully automatic rotor cleaning, plastic-coated storage mass for corrosion protection, and Eurovent-certified output. The construction is compact, suitable for common lorry transports, and almost eliminates freezing issues. The system boasts very high heat recovery performance figures, with adjustable recovery performance through speed modification.


Save energy with Heat X Rotate

Importance of air quality control in broiler chicken facilities

Broiler chicken facilities require good air quality control to prevent the buildup of harmful gases such as ammonia and CO2, dust, and bacteria. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory distress and other health problems for the birds, affecting their growth and weight gain. Effective ventilation and air cleaning systems can help maintain optimal air quality and support healthy bird growth.


Ensure a healthy and productive environment for your chickens

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