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Global climate control solutions

Different climatic challenges are facing growers in various locations of the world as well as variations that come with seasons. Munters has the answer to all those challenges with our wide global and local product portfolios as well as many years of far-ranging global experience in providing the right climate in the right place.

Jerry O’Bryan developed a large swine business with 125 barns and over 10,000 swine in Kentucky, where one of the biggest challenges is the dramatic temperature changes from the seasonal weather. They experience cold winters and hot, humid summers. Munters Aerotech range of corrosion resistant high performance fans, the VX range-from 18” up to 51”, is the answer to the temperature challenge. The BI28 attic inlets are crucial to optimize the air distribution during winter ventilation and reduce the fuel consumption of the heating devices.  The CT evaporative cooling system provides the extra cooling benefit to the animals, necessary in the hottest days of the year.

Cobb is a poultry research company engaged in the development, production, and sales of broiler breeding stock. The investment in a state of the art broiler farm by Cobb-Vantress, was done in order to develop and test the new genetic material for the Brazilian market. The necessity of a perfect climate control the whole year round was a necessity; and special attention was paid to air quality and a fully automated system. Munters rose to the challenge and supplied a complete climate control package. The broiler house is located in Ipigua, 500km North-West from the city of Sao Paulo. Heating is provided through the GPn diesel indirect heater and minimum ventilation is delivered via IW wall insulated air inlets. Air exchange for winter ventilation and tunnel ventilation for the hot season is achieved via the high efficiency WF50 cone fans. Cooling is provided by CELdek® pads coated by Mi-T-edg® and plastic water distribution system Easycool. Everything is managed by the Munters Farm Premium climate control.

The Van Ess dairy farm is located in Sanborn, Iowa. The farm is during summertime struck by hot, dry temperatures causing dips in the production. The heat waves severely affect the profitability of the farm. Cows produce less milk when experiencing heat stress, so naturally, the Van Ess family started to look for solutions to avoid these dips and found Munters ventilation systems for dairy. The system allows the entire herd to be housed in a single enclosed building, which saves on the construction cost and animal management. An enclosed building means that temperature can be controlled inside and heat stress can be avoided. You can imagine what a building that can house over 5,000 dairy cows must look like and what air flow volumes we are talking about! 120 VX fans 55 inches move over 4 million cubic feet (113,267 m3) of air every minute...In order to reach the best cooling efficiency almost 116,000 cubic feet (3,285 m3)of CELdek is used.

 Munters can also provide the best climate control solution for very cold countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland, where the average minimum temperature can be –20°C. In these areas, the setup of the minimum ventilation is extremely critical. The right amount of air has to be provided to the animals avoiding the excessive usage of heating fuel and all equipment must work perfectly even though everything outside is frozen. For this reason Munters supply products to the Scandinavian farmers that are developed to cope with such harsh conditions. Insulated air inlets, like the wall IW inlet and the attic IL inlet are perfect ways to distribute a minimum amount of fresh air in the barn. TU exhaust chimney fans contribute to the house ventilation using the recently developed Munters Drive technology, which guarantees extremely high results in terms of energy efficiency. 

Where is the most challenging places to grow vegetables? The desert, of course. During the summertime the temperature can be higher than 50°C in Al Ain, UAE. The location is built around an oasis, rich of water. Munters pad and fan systems are installed on the two long sides of many greenhouses. EM50 exhaust fans are now even more resistant to the aggressive conditions of the desert being manufactured with Munters Protect steel. CELdek pads are keeping the temperature in the greenhouse constantly at a value lower than 30°C, supplying the right amount of humidity. Tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers; many kinds of vegetables are grown all year around and served by the best restaurants of the Emirates.


United States, Brazil, Scandinavia, Emirates, just few examples of what Munters can do to support farmers around the world, helping them to get the best growing conditions as well as the highest profits.

Munters, Your Perfect Climate.

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