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CELdek wall in greenhouse

25% Production Boost with Munters Climate Control

Nestled within Turkey's Toros Agripark lies a haven for disease-free, high-yield banana plantations. The secret behind this success? A state-of-the-art Munters Climate Control System, meticulously designed to optimize plant growth.

Overcoming Inefficient Cooling

Toros Agripark's initial setup relied on a natural ventilation system with high-pressure misting for cooling. Unfortunately, this method proved inadequate for cultivating delicate tissue cultures of banana, almond, and cherry.
"Adana's scorching summer temperatures, reaching 40-45°C outdoors, rendered our existing system useless," explains Mr. Binboga, the General Manager. "Production completely stalled during these hot months."

A Recipe for Growth

Recognizing the need for a more robust solution, Toros Agripark partnered with Munters. The answer is a comprehensive Climate Control System specifically designed for their needs.

The System Breakdown:

  • CELdek® 7090 Evaporative Cooling Pads: These innovative pads allow exploiting the adiabatic cooling principle to cool-down the air through evaporation. This helps to create a cooler and more humid environment, ideal for banana, grape, and other sensitive tissue cultures.
  • EM50 Exhaust Fans: These fans ensure proper air extraction from the greenhouse, allowing incoming air to be cooled by the evaporative cooling pad-wall installed on the opposite side of the greenhouse.
  • EDC24 Circulation Fans: These circulation fans promote air distribution and destratification throughout the greenhouse, reducing the risk of mold proliferation due to dew generated by local high humidity levels and lowering the heating consumption by reducing vertical temperature gradient.

Year-Round Production and Increased Profitability

The installation of the Munters Climate Control System was swift, taking only two weeks. The impact, however, was nothing short of remarkable:

  • 25% Production Increase: The precisely controlled climate fostered by the system led to a substantial boost in plant production.
  • Year-Round Cultivation: Gone are the days of halted production during hot summers. The Munters system allows Toros Agripark to cultivate plants year-round.
  • Reduced Processing Time: With the ideal environment established, processing times decreased by three months.
  • Lower Production Costs: The Munters system's efficiency translated into lower production costs for Toros Agripark.
  • Earlier Production: By enabling cultivation before the traditional plantation period, the system yielded a significantly more profitable year for Toros Agripark.

A Flourishing Future

Toros Agripark's success story is a testament to the power of innovative climate control solutions. By partnering with Munters, they overcame the limitations of their natural ventilation system and established a thriving environment for a variety of high-yield, disease-free plants. This win-win scenario positions Toros Agripark as a leader in sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

fatos rápidos

  • Increase in crop production by 25%
  • Processing time reduced by three months
  • Reduction of total production cost
  • Ability to produce before the planting period
  • Excellent profits

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