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Roses grown in climate controlled greenhouses

Blooming Profits with Munters Climate Control

Nestled in Alicante, Spain, Rosas Elig-Flor and Rosas Campello Obiol, two corporate group members dedicated to cultivating high-quality roses, faced a significant challenge: maintaining optimal growing conditions in their greenhouses during scorching summers.

Combating Summer Heat

Elig-Flor's greenhouses, located in Elche and Castalla, experienced extreme temperatures as high as 40°C during peak summer months (June, July, August). This heat directly impacted rose production, hindering both quality and market price.

A Recipe for Success

To combat this issue, Elig-Flor partnered with Munters, a leader in climate control solutions. Munters' expertise provided a comprehensive solution:

  • 120 meters of CELdek® Evaporative Cooling Pads : These innovative pads allow to exploit the adiabatic cooling principle to cool-down the air through evaporation. This helps to create a cooler and more humid environment that is ideal for rose cultivation.
  • 28 EM50 Exhaust Fans: These fans ensure proper air extraction from the greenhouse, allowing incoming air to be cooled by the evaporative cooling pad-wall.
  • 36 EDC24 Circulation Fans: These circulation fans promote air distribution and destratification throughout the greenhouse, reducing the risk of mold proliferation due to dew generated by local high humidity levels and lowering the heating consumption by reducing vertical temperature gradient.
  • Control System: A specially designed control system integrates all the equipment for seamless operation.

A Cooler, More Profitable Operation

The Munters system delivered significant benefits for Elig-Flor:

  • Reduced Temperature: Greenhouse temperatures were lowered by 6°C, creating a more comfortable environment for rose growth.
  • Increased Humidity: Humidity levels rose to 72%, significantly reducing crop water transpiration and resulting in lower water consumption for irrigation.
  • Enhanced Rose Quality and Appearance: Lower temperatures and optimal humidity led to higher quality roses with a more vibrant appearance.
  • Maximized Profits: Improved rose quality translated to higher market prices and increased profitability.

Collaboration is Key

The selection and positioning layout of the products result from an accurate design calculation provided by Munters Application Specialists. The calculation also considered the greenhouse existing equipment such as the solar shading screen.

Elig-Flor's existing shade mesh, which blocked 60% of solar radiation, was also factored into the system design. Through collaboration, Munters ensured the system perfectly complemented the existing infrastructure.

A Rosy Future

Elig-Flor's success story exemplifies the power of innovative climate control solutions. By partnering with Munters, they were able to overcome the challenges of summer heat and cultivate high-quality, profitable roses year-round. This win-win scenario positions Elig-Flor as a leader in sustainable and high-quality rose production.

fatos rápidos

  • Temperature inside the greenhouse reduced by 6°C
  • Relative humidity increased up to 72%, reducing dramatically water evaporation as roses grow
  • High quality and excellent appearance
  • Maximum profit guaranteed
  • Improved environment control, limiting temperature and humidity extremes

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